Sunday, May 29, 2016

End Table Dillemma

I found a great set of end tables for sale today on Facebook. Do I need end tables? No. Have I finished all the projects I have started thus far? No.
You see, I have this problem.
It's best described as see-all-of-the-potential-itis. There is a lot of furniture available online these days that could use some TLC. I would likely be able to make it fairly awesome; but, I don't always see an idea in each item. As long as I can see furniture as pieces of furniture, and not "OHMYGOSH-what-if-I...," then I can pass it up. But, combine a good price with a vision, and I am toast.

Back to the end tables. I got them today, for the sole purpose of redoing and selling them. Hopefully as quickly as possible, since I really don't need them myself! As I was headed home with my quarry in the back of my van, I pondered. I realized that I had three separate ideas for these pieces. Oops. It only takes one, and I have three?!?!? How am I going to decide between them? What if I pick the one that is less likely to sell, and nobody likes what I did with them? What will I do then? Maybe I should do a poll! That could be fun! OOOooooooh, even better...
...some of you have said before that you would buy pieces of furniture that I redid. No pressure at all, but, here's your chance! I'm going to pitch my three ideas for these tables. If you see them, and you would like to buy them for me after I have transformed them into a particular idea, you can message me and let me know which one you would like me to do, and that you want to buy them (first come, first serve, since I only have the two). If you see them, and you don't want to buy them, but you have an opinion as to which idea you like best, you can "vote" by commenting which one is your favorite. If nobody in particular that I currently know wants to snatch them up, I will do the idea that has the most votes, then sell it online. Kind of fun, huh? Especially if it works! And, no matter what, you get to see what they look like when I'm done with them! So, "winning!"

Okay, so, without further ado, here is Table 1 and Table 2:

Okay, really, it's just Table 1 with a very limited view of Table 2. They are both there, I promise. I was too excited tonight to write this post to worry about taking pictures and making inspiration boards. For now, you're going to have to go off of this picture and my descriptions. I'll take more pictures as I go!

They're in great condition. The drawers slide fine, there is no major cosmetic damage to the tables at all. The only thing is that Table 2 is missing the drawer pulls for its drawers. We can talk about the solution to this within each of my ideas; but, I definitely have options. Once I've consulted with my handy friends and confirmed I could do so without negatively impacting my end product, I think I would remove the lip off the top of the tables for all three options.

Idea #1: Rustic Fab
While this is the hardest for me to visualize what it would actually look like, I think this idea is my favorite at the moment. I'd paint the legs, drawers, fronts, and sides in a creamy white. I found knobs that are very similar to the existing ones on Table 1, so I'd order a set for Table 2. I'd paint the hardware in an oil-rubbed-bronze finish, and paint the circle details on the sides of the tables in ORB as well, to make it look like there is more hardware there. I'd then finish both tops in a weathered wood finish; sort of a brown-gray, like the tabletop below.

Idea #2: Tiffany Blue
If it wasn't obvious from the name of this idea, I would paint both tables a "Tiffany Blue." After toying with a few ideas, I think I would try to remove the backplates and replace them with more decorative ones, and a rose knob pull, though they have to be small. I love the ones pictured below (I just hope they would fit!). If I went with that shabby chic sort of finish on the hardware, I would fill in the square line on the table surface white as well.

Idea #3: LEGO Chic
I have been dying to make one of these since I first saw the idea on Pinterest. I would paint the whole thing a crisp white, and finish the hardware in an iron color (like Idea #1, I think I'd just try to replace the missing ones on Table 2 with as close of a match as I can find). Then, I would adhere a gray LEGO base plate inside the square on the lower part (like the picture below). The end result would be a really cute LEGO table with built-in storage! (the colors and components in the picture below are obviously not exactly what I'm thinking, but it'll help establish the concept). Because of the set up of the tables I have, it would be possible to add an additional base plate to the very top; I'm just not sure I would.

Regardless of which option I go with, I was thinking a fair asking price would be $125 for the pair, but am open to suggestions.

What do you think? Good ideas? Bad ideas? Have a favorite idea that you want to vote for? Local peeps, want to pick one and purchase the pair from me? Let me know!