Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, Monday...

Monday has always had a reputation for being a doozy of a day. I used to think that it really only applied to the working folk...but I have since changed my mind; us stay at home types can have a case of the Mondays as well.


Our House, 2am.
I had gone to bed gloriously early, had slept incredibly well (which is nothing short of a miracle, at 8 months pregnant), and was woken up by both of my boys at the same time. Little Man was crying quietly to himself, and My Love was starting to freak out, saying that something was stuck in his eye.
I gave instructions to My Love on how to try to rinse his eye out with water, then went to tend Little Man. Once I finally got Little Man to settle down, I headed back down to check on my big man.
After much googling, administering of eye drops, watching youtube videos so I could attempt to flip My Love's eyelid so I could see what was stuck in it, we called it a draw. It was late, there wasn't anything else we could safely do, and he didn't want to go to the ER.

Our House, 7am
I told My Love that he should probably relocate from the living room to the bedroom, as I was supposed to be watching a friend's daughter today, and they were due to arrive around when he'd be getting up to get ready for work. As soon as he woke up, it became apparent that he was still in excruciating pain, and that his eye had not gotten better in the five hours  since we tried to fix it. I called our local optometrist, and they said they could get him in. I threw on the same clothes I had worn to church, and he fumbled around to get dressed while I went to wake up our young son, and get him bundled up to run to the doctor. Thankfully, he woke up and had lots of smiles to give me, and was just wonderful, despite me waking him (you never know what you'll get when you wake a sleeping baby, haha!).

Eye Doctor, 7:45am
We arrived at the eye doctor, I filled out the forms required, and we waited. And, as kind as everyone was, we waited FOREVER. It was over an hour before they saw him, and he was SO miserable.
We did run into some friends from church -- who, oddly enough, were in my dream last night. That part was sort of hilarious. What are the odds that I would dream of them, and then run into them at an "emergency" eye appointment?!?!?
Once My Love finally got back to see the doctor, it turned out that he had an eye infection. I'm not really sure if that's better or worse than having something stuck in your eye. Perhaps mildly better...but they weren't able to do anything about the pain...they said we'd just have to wait until the antibiotics kicked in.
While he was with the doctor, I was in the lobby with Little Man. He was so well behaved, and I was so proud of him. However, my pregnant nose picked up on the smell of urine. I had changed him into a brand new type of diaper (that proclaimed to be snug and DRY) right before we left the house...they're supposed to keep dry for up to twelve hours. It had been one. I picked him up off his seat on the couch next to me...and there was a wet spot both underneath him and on his pants. Fabulous.
I had to go, tail between my legs, and confess to the office staff that he had leaked, and see if they had anything to clean the upholstery with. I wiped it down, dried it off, changed his diaper, put his wet pants in a bag (thank goodness I'd packed a blanket, as it was 20-something degrees outside), and we continued to wait for My Love.
Meanwhile, remember how I was supposed to watch my friend's daughter today? Well, Little Man was using my phone to watch cartoons luck would have battery was dying. So, I had to text her, after already calling her at an unreasonable hour of the morning to tell her we'd have to run to the doctor and might not be back by the time we'd originally agreed on...and let her know that we were still at the doctor's office, and that my phone was dying.
It was truly an absurd morning.
Absurd, and most definitely worthy of the title "Monday."

Here's hoping to a much less eventful, and much more productive, Tuesday.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Little Miss' Room: UPDATE

I think, last time I talked about it, this was the plan for Little Miss' room.

In case you don't want to go back and re-read the blog, here is the inspiration board I made:

I'm not completely scrapping everything, I don't think...but I'm definitely going a different direction.
Basically, what happened is...I started registering for baby stuff. When I was trying to register for baby bedding, I realized that the set I thought I liked didn't come as a all. Usually, with baby bedding, there's at least a very basic set that includes a blanket, sheet, and crib skirt. Not so with this one. Beyond that, it's expensive! So, I decided to look around for other options.

I stumbled across a few great possibilities, and they were on clearance, which is even more fun...but then I found this:

Along with these super fun curtains...

And then, when I stumbled across this mobile, I was pretty sure that I had a winner...and a new theme.

...or, at least a new twist/direction on the theme. The walls will remain purple. I still really like the carnival prints (though, I'm not sure I'm still going to go that route), and the elephant print (although the colors aren't as vibrant, so I might have to make my own). And, obviously, this print would still go great in the room (or something I make, inspired by it), as will these.

Basically, this rainbow theme just opens up a whole new bunch of possibilities, and gets my creative juices flowing. I feel a lot better about this concept than I did the other -- I'm really really really excited!

I was already planning on painting some of the furniture in vibrant colors, and this will help tie it all together!

I may or may not make another inspiration board. I'm really far behind in actual I'd rather actually get stuff done instead of just planning it all.

What do you think?

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to continue to catch up on laundry, and get our bedroom more together than it has been as of late. Perhaps I'll get going on Little Miss' room Sunday. Better get moving soon, as she's going to be here before you know it!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Holy Contributing to the Delinquincy of Minors, Batman!

Apparently, this is really something that Robin said. I chuckled quite a bit when I found this website.

I'm currently watching our video monitor in shock and sadness as my sweet Little Man throws the most epic of tantrums that I have ever seen. He is throwing himself around his crib like a caged, crazed animal. He is crying and screeching almost constantly, and it's breaking my heart.
*edit* The tantrum lasted almost a full half hour.

It's also freaking me out, as we are due to meet our newest little one in as little as two to five weeks...
Newborn + Toddler (reverted back to younger schedule) = no good.

So, here I am, scouring the internet for tips on how to retrain my child...a kid who, in all honestly, I have felt has been relatively easy thus far.

I'm hoping that I find something helpful, that will help me regain the upper hand in our schedule, and will benefit us all as a family. Do any of you have techniques that helped you reset to a good schedule? Especially before introducing a new member of the family?
We were doing well until he got sick, and now we've reverted back. Meh.
Thanks in advance! :)

P.S. There have been some changes in plans for Little Miss' room -- be on the lookout for a new post on that tonight or tomorrow!