Thursday, October 31, 2013


No, this isn't about sports.
I finally found a Cozy Coupe for my son! I've been looking for what feels like forever. Really, since we went to the 3rd birthday party for my friend's little girl. Little Man discovered the pink Cozy Coupe, and it was love at first sight! I didn't have a color preference, as I intended to revamp it anyway, as I mentioned on this post.

I've been scouring garage sales and internet listings, trying to find an inexpensive one, and today was the day! I found one for $5!!!!

It's sun-faded, to be sure, and it needs a good scrubbing, but it'll do just fine! Now, I just have to decide what on earth to do to it, and how long I can stand keeping it from Little Man! He saw it already, as he was with me when I went to pick it up...but he doesn't understand the concept of Christmas presents and waiting and all that...

So, I have limitless options, but here are a few that I've been considering:


Classic Batmobile

Spiderman I

Spiderman II

I really like this Ghostbuster one, but not enough to do it instead of the others. The same light concept could be included in a police cruiser...

What do you think? Do you like an idea that I posted? Do you have another idea I could look into? I need to decide soon, and get moving on it! Definitely before it gets too cold to spray paint outside!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Change of Plans

Mom and Dad happened to have our old wagon, ready and waiting for grandchildren, it would seem. So, for Halloween, instead of revamping Little Man's Step 2 Push Buggy like I had planned on here, I'm going to use the ideas I found on our wooden wagon!

Its shape naturally lends itself to be more firetruck friendly anyway! So, I plan on finding large, round closet push-lights for the headlights, reflective pieces for the taillights, possibly some rotating lights for the light bar, and fashioning a ladder out of foam board for the side. We'll see how it comes together.

I can't wait to see my sweet Little Man in costume! He's going to be stinking adorable!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Oh my word. I'm home. HOME.
It is so incredibly nice to be back.
This past weekend, I co-coordinated our church's women's retreat -- it was an amazing time, and I feel like I got so much out of it, including new friendships, but it barely ended, and I had to run pellmell into the next life event. My husband's grandmother recently passed away, and Monday was her funeral, which he was officiating. So, on top of all of the women's retreat preparations, I had to arrange for travel plans for my husband, childcare for my son, and travel preparations for both my son and I immediately following the retreat. Seriously, I'm exhausted just remembering all that stuff! Did I mention I'm now six months pregnant? Ha!

Prior to all of this, everything had sort of revolved around doing my best to take care of my son, and finalizing details for the women's retreat -- the house sort of got neglected. Poor house. I got it generically tidied up, but it was still definitely hurting for some TLC.

My nesting and ADCD cleaning habits...

 ...have left me with lots to do, and no real idea as to where to start. Today, I find myself so happy to be back, I'm giving it a valiant effort. I'm working mainly on some laundry, and trying to get our bedroom clean and comfortable. I've put a mixture of baking soda and fabric softener on our mattress...which I will vacuum off soon...something I saw on Pinterest.

I don't know if I have any really detailed goals, other than getting things as clean as possible. My sweet Little Man is recovering from our whirlwind, so I'm trying to take advantage of his extra long nap time.

So, this post didn't have any specific direction, but just a little update. I'm hoping to get serious about organizing and cleaning, and make lots of posts about that in the very near future!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guest Posting

I posted over on my husband's blog today...twice!

He wanted different perspectives on worship services in church. My posts are:

- Worship Service: Take me on a journey - A Pastor's Wife's Perspective

- What is the proper style for a worship service? - A Pastor's Wife's Perspective

I'm feeling a little out of my league, but it should be an interesting collection of opinions! Keep an eye open for the series!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Minimalist Wardrobe?

Have any of you experimented with the concept of a minimalist wardrobe? Like a limited, layer-able wardrobe? I've come across it a few times. There was one girl who, if I remember correctly, became a successful blogger because she documented her process doing that...but I can't recall who she was, or what her blog was. Helpful, huh?
Recently, though, I stumbled across the concept again, somewhere you'd never guess -- on Money Saving Mom's blog! I know, shocker -- I really do love her blog.

Anyway, here are her tips for a minimalist wardrobe: 4 Tips for Having a Minimalist Wardrobe

I love the sample outfit. Love love love it.

I remember, when I was in middle school, being very concerned about the way I looked. I woke up super early to shower, do my hair, and put on makeup. In high school, I suppose I did the same. College was another story. College was a grand experiment in how-long-can-you-sleep-in-then-roll-out-of-bed-and-still-get-to-class-on-time. Hoodies, graphic tees, comfy jeans, sneakers, ponytails, and an occasional bandana were my wardrobe of choice. I've always had the ability (I think, anyway) to clean up nicely when the occasion called for it. I can be stylish when I choose to be.

But, if you were to look in my closet right this moment...well, first, you would think, "What a mess!!!" would see some robes I rarely wear, a few dresses, a few sweaters, a few tees, and a few tanktops...most of which I seldom wear. I have five drawers in our bedroom: one with undergarments, one with socks, one with "workout"/messy clothes, one with t-shirts, and one with pajamas. Listing it all out now, it sounds pretty minimalistic -- but, it sure doesn't seem like it. And, it violates several of the tips MSM mentioned...though it's pretty tough to sift through what you do and don't wear when you've been pregnant twice in two years, haha!

I'm hoping, after this baby is born, I can get my booty in gear, and get in shape! Then, I want to seriously purge my closet, and fill it with mix-and-match things that can be layered. My friend follows a page on Facebook, and I just had to "like" it because I loved most of the outfits that she posted. It's called Fashionista Trends, and they have super cute stuff. I don't like 100% of the outfits, but it makes me feel like I could do this minimalistic wardrobe thing. Here are some of my favorite outfits:

They have a lot of boots as part of their outfits -- I am not a huge boot fan -- I always feel like they're cuter on others than they are on me. I like wedges and flats...and sneakers...I love comfy sneakers! Anyway, I've just been pondering what sort of changes I want and can make to be a better me. I'm hitting a milestone birthday this year, and feel like I should have a more adult appearance. I have a friend who is a mother of two, and she always always looks so stylish and put together. I'm not saying there won't be days when I pull out some yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt, but I want to be more intentional with my appearance, and take more pride in it. So, while I'm making a human being, I'm formulating a plan on how to do that. Quite the multitasker, eh? ;)