Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Laundry Room: Solution

If you're behind (or need a refresher), click on the following links to see: The Laundry Room: Problem Part 1 and Part 2.
Here's what I've done since then.
(which, as it turns out, has been about a year ago)

I had the idea some time ago to use laundry symbols to make a sign to put on the door to the laundry room. I found a free font, SL Wash, downloaded it, and picked the symbols that I wanted. I picked up an inexpensive wooden sign from JoAnn's, spray painted a white base on the sign, then used my Silhouette machine to cut out my shapes. I applied them where I wanted them, then spray painted over them in a bright green color, and topped it off with a clear coat of enamel. This was the result:
Um, or not. I still love the idea of this, but I never got around to actually doing it. I also hemmed and hawed with recreating another laundry sign similar to one I found on etsy, but I never did that either. Enter Hobby Lobby. I <3 that store. I'm fairly certain that I hadn't been there since the birth of my daughter, and that store is now umpteen-million times more hazardous to my wallet. Goodness!
Anyway, I stumbled across an awesome metal sign, and snatched it up. Here it is on my laundry room door:

(love it!)

I saw this on Pinterest, loved the idea, and made 8x10 prints of my son splashing in a bucket, and voila! I used these super cute clips that I found at Dollar Tree instead of the pants hangers - I thought they added a little pop of color, plus looked similar to clothes pins. I mounted the pictures on foam board (harder to do than I expected -- I couldn't find my exacto knife) to give them more stability. I picked up a DIGNITET line from IKEA, and mounted that above the washer and dryer to look like a clothesline. Cute, right?

I also stumbled across this amazing print, and had to print it out and hang it up!

As much as I loved this, it was substantially smaller than the wall art I had previously...but I didn't know what I wanted to add with it. I scoured Pinterest for what felt like forever. Then, somewhat unintentionally, stumbled across inspiration. I had found and really liked this print:

...only to discover that it was an original that had sold, and not a print. Sad day.

I found these via Pinterest (and if you go here, you can get the free digital file to make your own!):

And, somehow, the two things fused in my head, and mixed around, and I came up with a plan! I went to Hobby Lobby (swoon!), grabbed two unfinished decorative wood boards, spray painted them, then drew clothespin shapes on the back of scrapbook paper, cut them out, mod-podged a sheet of white watercolor paper to the boards, then the scrapbook clothespins to the paper. Once they were dry, I drew the metal piece with a silver Sharpe. Voila!:

As for all my storage, I didn't really change things up all that much. I already had all the canvas bins, and had recently reorganized all of those, so that wasn't really all that challenging. I shuffled a few things around, moved some of the more "cluttery" looking items to places where they were less visible, and that helped a lot. I attempted to use  name tags to label my fabric bins, but that was a wash (haha, "wash," get it? In a laundry room? I'm so punny!). You can see in the picture how they're peeling off, but I'm still pleased with the way everything is organized:

(might I just add that it's incredibly difficult to get a picture of this part of the laundry room?!?)

I'd still like to devise a way to hide the hook ups behind the washer and dryer (something like this, perhaps?), maybe switch up the rug, and find a way to incorporate laundry hampers above the washer and  dryer, but those will have to wait!

Here is the final (for now) result!:

Well, whaddya think?

Monday, May 5, 2014

What to do, What to do?

I was going to kick off this post with a rant. I was going to dive into a long and sordid story about why we don't have the crib for my daughter that we registered for and, in fact, received as a gift. However, I don't know that the story in and of itself is all that interesting, and I feel like vomiting it all out here would really just take me back through the negativity unnecessarily. So, let's not.
For simplicity's sake, let's just start with the fact that we do not, in fact, have the crib that was intended for my daughter.

Also, I have had an inkling for the last two weeks or so that my Little Man was ready for us to transition him into a toddler bed. His crib converts into a toddler bed, so that was the plan. However, we went to IKEA with a friend and her girls the other day, and when we entered the kids' section, Little Man launched himself right into the first toddler bed that he saw. So, I decided that I was done with the drama of the crib for Little Miss, and started poking around online, looking for a deal on a toddler bed. I found one, snatched it up, spent all day organizing and "child-proofing" Little Man's room, and made the switch. Last night was night two in his big boy bed, and he's doing AWESOME! I'm super stoked!

I have made incredible progress in Little Miss' room. I have a before picture that I took when I was still pregnant with her, showing just a snapshot into the time it spent as a junk room...and it's embarrassing. I will post it, but not today. I transferred the organizational hanging closet system from Little Man's room into hers, and have more progress to make in regards to organizing it -- especially in regards to her clothes. Girls' clothes are WAAAY different than boys' clothes...waaay different.
I still have some progress to make in getting some of my old stuff out.

Our poor guest room has been invaded by a bunch of the extra stuff. I will be working simultaneously on that room as I finish decluttering and decorating Little Miss' room.

However, I am seeking opinions on the crib color. The crib I registered for was white, and that's what I intend to paint Little Man's former crib. Do you think that's the best choice?

The room walls are this color, Behr Great Falls:

The bedding (that I just received this week, SQEEEEEEEEEE!!!) is MiGi Rainbow:

I have a short, antique dresser that I will be painting turquoise.

And I also have an old dresser that I've painted previously that I will be repainting a soft pink (I'd like to do an ombre finish, but don't know if I have the time or patience...or if it will be overkill -- I'd welcome your thoughts on that as well!).

The only other furniture I'm planning on having in there at present is the crib. So, the big question is: paint it white, or another color? It's getting pretty loud in there at present, but I wanted some input!

I don't have the artwork/decor selected yet. So far, the only thing I've purchased are these art cards from IKEA:

I also found this on Bed Bath and Beyond's site:
I'll need to see the colors in person to make sure they'd work but, if they do, I just might buy it as opposed to making my own. Or I might not go this direction at all, who knows?

I did just use a gift card to order this prints frame:
Big brother has one just like it, and I love it, so I definitely wanted one for Little Miss' room.

Okay -- I think that is all the information I have for right now. Hoping to make a lot of progress over the next few days, and have some updates for you!