Saturday, September 13, 2014


I finally finished the lamps for Little Miss' room!

I mentioned my plan in this post, and then have been doing random things around the house or in decluttering the room itself, so haven't made it to a lot of my projects. Meh.

I have, however, made progress. And, progress at all is better than nothing!

Without further delay, I give you the before pictures of the lamps again:

You'll notice that the lion is missing. I couldn't bring myself to paint him. I really just don't have a designated spot for him -- what baby/toddler needs three lamps in their room?!? And he is sooo cute!
Since I was unsure, I decided to wait. I may end up painting him and using him anyway, if I can find a spot for him, or I might just try to resell him on the online garage sale sites for what I bought him for. We'll just have to see.

I got Krylon white, satin finish spray paint, taped off the cords and electrical parts of the lamps, then got to it!
I also got rid of the lamp shades, as they wouldn't match with the color scheme.
I found these AWESOME, geometric, textured lampshades at Target, picked up a pair, and voila!

I love them! Seriously, I love them! They're so whimsical!

I'm getting everything together for my next projects for her room, and should (fingers crossed!) be posting those soon!

It is coming together! I'm so pleased and excited to get my Little Miss in her room!

Stay tuned for more!

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