Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little Miss' Lighting Teaser

As you well know...well, as you know if you've been keeping up with the blog over the last year or so, I've been planning Little Miss' nursery and, though she has been here almost four months, have yet to finish it.

If you're interested in seeing where I started, and how many ideas I had, and how many times I changed my mind, feel free to look back.
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I can't remember when I stumbled across this blog entry, but I think it might have been when I was pregnant with Little Man.
Basically, the writer was inspired by this lamp:

And, after finding this one for a steal:

Transformed it into this:

I actually managed to find the exact same lamp at some point, but for not nearly as good of a deal, so I passed on it, and it never made its way into Little Man's room.

Now, I'm planning on my combination rainbow/circus room for Little Miss, and I found these on Facebook garage sale groups:

I picked up the first one a while ago, the second one last night, and am going to get the third one on Wednesday.

It might have been better for them to be in more of a vertical formation, instead of horizontal (the animals), but I think they'll turn out cute anyway.

I'll pick up a can of Rustoleum glossy white spray paint, pick up three matching shades, and the lighting for Little Miss' room will be ready to go! More pictures to follow, of course!

I am wondering, though, about whether or not to keep/use the lion lamp. It's adorable, to be sure, but now I'm worried about it "fitting in" since the other lamps have multiple animals on their bases. Thoughts? Does it matter? He's in absolutely perfect condition, and I could sell him for what I bought him for, and have more money for whatever other things I decide should be in Little Miss' room. I'd love your input, thanks!

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