Monday, November 9, 2015

An Empty Frame

At some point in my life, an unknown amount of time ago, I fell in love with Hobby Lobby. I know, not super unique...many of you probably have the same infatuation.

The distinction I can make is that, prior to 2012, I had no children. There is supposedly a correlation between presence of children and lack of money...there is definitely a "presence of children, lack of free time," in my life at present, haha! (not to mention, the carts at my Hobby Lobby are much too small to accommodate my glorious babies and all of my purchases)

So, at some point before I had kids, I was perusing Hobby Lobby, and I found two very large empty frames on mega sale.

One in particular was a large, gaudy, ornate, gold frame, with a broken corner. I took it home, glued the broken bit back into place, and spray painted the whole thing black.

We ended up using it as a prop for photos at the baby shower for my son.

Fast forward, it sat in our garage for a bit, I gave it to my mom for a period of time, and then I got it back again. Haha.

I finally hung it up in our closet. We have this really awesome closet that is simultaneously fabulous and awkward. I am hoping that I will be able to redo the closet, and document that -- but, for now, let's stay focused on the frame.

I bought some screen (like, for a window), then used a staple gun to secure it to the back of the frame. Then, I hung it back up on the wall, and used it to hang up my earrings!

The trick now will just be to figure out how to try to get my stud earrings in here easily...I might have no choice but to put them on one at a time anyway; might be worth it in the end. Necklaces are also going to be tricky, though I'm certain Pinterest will have some tips for me.

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